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Travel is one of the world’s largest industries. It contributes around US $ 7.6 trillion to the world economy.

As a result, Travel agencies are facing stiff competition in sales. Generating leads is a crucial task for Travel Agencies. It is not easy to generate leads in the Travel Industry anymore. The competition is high. Travel agencies need to market their specialization and value-added services online. Working on the right things on right time is what they will require.

These are 10 Effective Ways to Get Leads For Travel Agency

10 effective ways to get leads for travel agency
10 effective ways to get leads for travel agency

What Are The 10 Effective Ways to Get Leads for Travel Agency Using Digital Marketing?

The following are 10 effective ways to get leads for travel agency using Digital marketing strategies

Website and Online Presence

Responsive websites with attractive themes and beautiful galleries can attract prospects. A well-structured online reservation system can convert them instantly. Online bookings can provide ease to customers. Your online presence is very important today. Use the advanced technologies in your travel website. You can show a 3D Demo of different views. Use google 360-degree view of the destinations to attract the audience.

Great Content

It is said that “Content is King”. While you are creating a travel website, make sure you will write blogs on it. Keep on engaging your audience on the website. Usage of informative and attractive travel pictures should be used in your blogs. You can also add videos regarding testimonials and reviews on your travel website. Such blog articles are a great source for SEO. They can attract the new audience to your travel website.

PPC Campaigns

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an Internet Advertising model. We can use it to get direct traffic to your travel website. Pay Per Click is commonly associated with search engines like Google AdWords. PPC campaign can make you reach a highly targeted audience for your travel business. Bid higher on locations, days and hours when people are more likely to book travel. Use Ad Customizers to customize your advertisement. Create trusted and socially validated landing pages.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has a lot to offer the travel industry. It is used to convert the leads. We can also use Email Marketing to increase the Brand loyalty among your existing customers. You can attract and retain new customers. Set up a valid email list and keep on collecting new email addresses. The content of the email should be attractive and clear. Once you’ve decided what type of email you are going to write figure out the frequency of it. Create an Email Marketing calendar. So that you will be informed when to send the email.


You can make a YouTube channel to promote your Travel Agency. Along with your advertisements, you can also post the travellers’ testimonials. Good opinions of the customers will definitely help to create your image. The reviews of your old customers can generate you new leads. Use your YouTube channel to promote your new offers and trips. You can show the journey of your tour.

The visuals regarding accommodation, food, travel, etc. can attract people to watch your videos. Through such videos you can promote your travel agency. Add the links of your website, share your Facebook, Instagram pages below the videos. This will increase your brand awareness.


Instagram is itself a big platform for promoting a business. You can make a business page for your Travel Agency on Instagram. Here, we can share pictures, videos of our old tours. You can post a time-lapse video of some road trip. Though you cannot directly do business, you can powerfully promote it here. Also, you can build a big follower group.

Influential Marketing

We can target popular people on social media for Influential Marketing. There are a number of travelers who influence people to traveling. As a Travel Agency, we can collaborate with these people. Furthermore, we can use their popularity to increase our brand awareness. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram allow us to do Influential Marketing. You can ask celebrities to promote your travel business. They can post and share your Travel Agency related information. Influencial marketing is one of the 10 effective ways to gain leads for travel agency

Groups on WhatsApp and Facebook

You can create groups and communities on social media for the promotion of your travel agency. Groups are the best option to advertise your ongoing events as a travel agency. Events can let the interested people notify the upcoming tours. People with a similar interest can join the group. They will be up to date. You can create a newsletter or poster to promote such events. Add all the needed information with it. For example, the price, duration, location, visiting places, accommodation, etc.


You can create a forum for your travel agencies. Here, interested or related people can ask questions and discuss. Such a module can help both the travel agency and the customer. The discussion can help the agency to understand customer needs. While the customers can have an opportunity to know more about you. Also, we can solve customer queries using such forums.

Facebook Ads Retargeting

the most reliable way out of the 10 effective ways to get leads for travel agency is Facebook retargeting. It is important for one simple reason: it’s effectiveness. Retargeting is a form of online advertising. It brings back website visitors who haven’t converted on their first visit. A cookie is placed on the browser of the person who visited your travel website. The cookie lets you recognize and follow your website visitor. Facebook is a great channel for retargeting your travel agency visitors. Also, it is easy to set up. And very effective for lead generation.

These are the 10 effective ways to get leads for travel agency.


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