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This webinar shared healthcare promotion insights for doctors and services, offering fresh perspectives. Zensawork Digital excels in digital brand promotion, aiding entrepreneurial ventures. My experience with Zensawork, especially in collaboration with Medigest Gastro and Liver Clinic, has been remarkable. They’ve expertly managed digital aspects, boosting our healthcare sector success.

Dr. Shrihari Anikhindi

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


I recently attended this webinar about using digital services for doctors. It offered valuable insights into leveraging digital platforms for effective service promotion.For medical professionals who are looking for top-notch online strategies, Zensawork Digital is the go-to option. My experience with Zensawork has been exceptional, with them handling various digital aspects like website design and patient management effectively.

Dr. Trupti Deshpande

DCP DNB Pathology MNAMS Consultant Pathologist, LalPathlabs Pvt Ltd


Zensawork’s webinar transformed my healthcare practice. I gained valuable insights and opted for their website design services. Their exceptional work streamlined my practice, integrating appointment scheduling, patient management, and communication tools. Their expertise has greatly contributed to my healthcare business’s growth, making them a valuable partner in my success. I highly recommend Zensawork for Website Designing Services

Dr. Akshay Anikhindi

General Physician, Medigest Gastro, Liver and Endoscopy Clinic

What You Will learn in 1 hour webinar

WhatsApp Integration

Easy and free WhatsApp Integration on your website for no Extra charges

One-Click Appointments

Easy Appointment for you hopitals and clinics. Directly get patients information in your database

Medical Blogs

Medically Accurate blogs for Your website to rank higher on search results as well as building patients trust

Healthcare Services

List your services in structured format and highlight key features and your expertise

Website Design Roadmap

Define Goals and Target Audience

Determine the purpose of the website Identify the primary and secondary target audience

Planning and Organizing Content

  1. Creating an outline of the main intent of your website
  2. Organizing content logically for easy navigation

Content Creation

  1. Generate high-quality content, including medical articles, blog posts.
  2. Improve visibility in search results.

Design and User Interface (UI)

  1. Professional design that aligns with healthcare aesthetics.
  2. Designing intuitive navigation menus and clear calls-to-action 

Developing Interactive Features

  1. Appointment scheduling, live chat, and telehealth options.

Testing and Launch

Concept get attributing has point not it this look the human as workmen. 

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